My Top 4 'Must Visit' Places in Europe

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I think if I was ever any kind of 'professional' blogger, being a travel blogger would be high up on my wishlist. I haven't visited nearly enough places that I'd love to go to. I just love the idea of seeing the world a bit more, and as I hopefully get up the career ladder and earn a bit more/save some money, there are a couple of places in particular I'd like to take in. A lot of people (including me) dream of far-flung destinations like Thailand and Australia, but I actually have a lot of interest in visiting some places closer to home in Europe - and these would be my top four destination choices!


Ever since I was at Uni, I've always had a bit of a fascination with Norway and Norweigans (I blame a certain member of a certain boy band I loved rather a lot as a teenager...). Despite being told it's expensive, I really want to take a trip to Norway, and maybe even hop across Scandinavia in general. Even though I've heard the beer is expensive, the landscape looks absolutely stunning - the picture above being a perfect example.


Budapest, to me, seems like a really stunning city to visit - I mean, just look at that picture! It's famous for its baths (like, the big pools, not the ones in everyone's houses) and I could imagine having quite a chilled weekend there. Or, if I fancied something a bit more active, there's a great music scene in Budapest, including the fact that it's the home of Sziget festival, which would be amazing to go to - this year has quite a lot of the bands I'll be seeing at Reading, and a European festival is totally on my 'bucket list'.


It's a bit of a cliche, probably, but Venice is definitely on my go-to list, especially if I was considering one of those romantic weekend away thingies. As someone who grew up being close to water, living by the seaside, I find the watery roads throughout the city fascinating and I'd love to have a trip around on a gondola taking in the stunning architecture.


When I went to Italy in 2012, we went by coach (something I DEFINITELY don't want to repeat), and on the way we passed through Switzerland and it immediately made my list of 'must visit' places - particularly, the Swiss Alps. Driving along the highway, looking down at the villages and up at the amazing peaks, it seemed like a different world. There'd probably be quite a lot of exertion involved in trekking around them, but it'd be worth it for the peace and quiet and stunning views.

Writing this post has definitely inspired me to actually make travelling a reality during my twenties, and hopefully I'll be sharing my own images from the places above one day!

Where would you most like to travel to?


  1. I'd love to visit Venice one day! I've been travelling quite a bit this year to places around Europe - Krakow was last week and it's an incredible, underrated place to visit! Great post :) xx

    1. Ooh, Krakow has intrigued me now! :D xx

  2. I went to Venice a few years ago and I loved it! x

  3. Awesome! Yeah, I know a few people who have gone, it looks so beautiful in the pictures too! x

  4. I've been to Budapest with my high school as part of an exchange, it really is a beautiful place with really lovely architecture. We went to the spa baths too. I'd love to go back now I'm older and properly explore the place (it's also pretty hot, would make a great summer holiday)!

    1. Ah wow, that sounds awesome! Well...I'm looking for a travel buddy ;) haha x

  5. I'd love to visit Norway too, it looks so beautiful! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. I'd love to visit Norway! Top of my list has to be South Africa though. I'd love to go and volunteer with lions there. Luckily my boyfriend is part south african with most of his family living there, so I just have to persuade him haha!


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