B.Pure Micellar Water & B.Refined Exfoliating Cleanser

Thursday, 8 May 2014

On a recent trip to Superdrug for tampons (in which I almost forgot the tampons due to cosmetic distractions, a seemingly regular occurrence in my life) I spotted the B. skincare range with everything at half price. Being in the market for a new micellar water anyway, I couldn't really refuse, so decided to pick up a couple of bits to try out. B. is a pretty new brand to me, and stocked exclusively in Superdrug. Their products feature skincare basics as well as a targeted range with three 'phases', tailored to your age to help fight aging, whether you're in your early twenties or later on in life.

B. Pure Micellar Water
(£4.99 - currently half price at £2.47, 150ml, Superdrug)
Previously, I'd been using a L'Oreal micellar water, and definitely prefer B.'s one. It features cucumber, which cools the skin, something I did notice when applying it, and also restore's the skin's natural pH balance. It removes makeup really quickly and easy, no rubbing or scrubbing needed. It just seems to dissolve on my face with no irritation or dryness. Having said that, my skin has never felt quite right if I've just used a micellar water, so I wet cleanse afterwards - but this is definitely a quick and easy first step to get rid of the bulk of my makeup and prep my face for cleansing. It's also much easier to dispense than the L'Oreal one, which had a tendency to go everywhere.

B.Refined Exfoliating Cleanser
(£5.46 - currently half price at £2.73, 125ml, Superdrug)
Now, this a product I'm getting on with - I'm very impressed! I need to exfoliate my face quite often, and this has microbeads that are gentle enough not to irritate the skin but at the same time, work really well at giving a deep cleansing experience. It comes out as a medium-consistency cream, but after you rub it into damp skin, it takes on a more milky texture, making my face feel lovely and soft, even after washing it off. I've been using it about every other day (using my normal Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean in between) and I've really felt an improvement in the softness and radiance of my skin.

I also picked up the B.Nourished Night Serum, which will be getting its very own review soon. Generally, I'm very impressed with the B. range so far. As well as coming in simple, classy looking packaging and being a cruelty free brand, they seem to have simple yet effective formulas which give great results and are much cheaper than high-end ranges.

Have you tried anything from B.?

*Prices and offers correct at time of posting*


  1. Can't believe how cheap these are! Might have to try them myself :) xx

  2. i really need a new cleanser & this sounds really good!


  3. Would definitely recommend it - it says it's for twice weekly use, but I've honestly found it gentle enough to use more regularly! x

  4. From all the micellar waters I've tried, this was the one I like the least. I like the sound of that cleanser though, may give it a go soon!


    1. Oh no, that's a shame! I suppose for the price, it's not a huge loss trying these out though :) x


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