Super Sparkly Christmas Nails - Red, Gold and Green

Thursday, 12 December 2013

In between my busy working schedule (read: painting my nails at my desk), I've somehow managed to find the time to paint my nails all festive! I really love the mixture of colours on this look, and it's ridiculously simple to do. I got to use two of my favourite Models Own polishes too!

Step 1 
Apply a coat or two of your gold polish.
I used Models Own Gold Rush.

Step 2 
Apply the green glitter - go lightly, so the gold is still visible underneath.
I used Models Own Emerald City

Step 3
Repeat with the red glitter, making sure both gold and green are still visible.
I used Rimmel's Precious Stones in Ruby Circus (it also adds a bit of a silver element to really up the sparkle).

Step 4 (optional)
Use a top coat (any will do!) if you want to really make sure the polish stays in place. Although I didn't use one and three days later, the polish is still holding strong.

And there you have it - super sparkly festive nails, perfect for the run-up to Christmas!


  1. Ha! I never thought to mix polishes, it looks so pretty and festive :D

  2. SO festive and absolutely perfect. I do love glitter so these are my perfect Christmas nails <3

    Jennie xo |


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