Summer Throwback - A Rework

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I definitely need to clean my mirror. Whoops.

This was my favourite playsuit over the summer (a H&M bargain in the sale!), and I wore it ridiculous amounts with bare legs and shoulders when the weather was absolutely boiling. It'd been shafted to one side in favour of more conventional winter wear, but at the weekend I decided it deserved more than just being a summertime lover, and reworked it with a plain black t-shirt underneath and some Primark Super Cosy tights. It's a really simple, cosy outfit, but something I definitely want to do with some of my more summery/strappy dresses and playsuits now. Hooray for layering!

How have you transitioned your summer wardrobe pieces into winter wear?


  1. What a lovely playsuit; like how you've made it season-appropriate with the layers.

    1. Thankyou! I just couldn't put it away until next summer, haha!


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