2013 Roundup & A Look Forward

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year('s Eve)! Initially I wasn't going to do a '2013' post - there are so many around, and I didn't really think anyone would be interested enough to read a superlengthy picture-heavy ramble through what I've done this year. But looking back through my Instagram pictures, I realised I kinda want to do it for me. And if anyone else is interested, thanks for coming along for the ride.

2013 was my first full year living in London, and I wasn't short of things to do. It started off with a lot of trudging through London snow, and I also got tattooed again - an anchor on my forearm. In the summer especially, I definitely made the most of the city - including pond swimming at Hampstead Heath, a trip to London Zoo, watching Back To The Future on an outdoor cinema and cocktails on the South Bank with an incredible view of London at night. I moved to Islington with some brilliant housemates and enjoyed long summer days sitting in the park with cold bottles of cider.

I also got to do some fun things as a result of this blog - including a trip to ASOS HQ, where I strutted the famous ASOS catwalk! On the more quirky side, I got involved with a zombie chase game, 2.8 Hours Later, where I volunteered as a zombie and got to scare some paying customers with my bloodstained, pale face. In December, I visited the infamous Winter Wonderland, which was so much bigger than I expected, but amazing, as we danced the night away in a Bavarian Beerhouse. There are too many awesome things that happened to list, really, but here's some snaps from the highlights of the year...

Snow in London // New tattoo // Bournemouth
Summertime in the city // Directions to get home to my old house // View from my new flat window
Back To The Future, outside // Hampsted Heath bathing pond // Inland Waterways Festival
Riding in a cable car // London Zoo // South Bank cocktails
All zombie-d up // Visiting ASOS // Winter Wonderland

As I mentioned in yesterday's Albums Of The Year post, 2013 was an incredible year for me music-wise. I went to a few festivals, including Download, Hit The Deck and Damnation, and saw some fantastic bands live. I sat on the pavement and watched Dave Hause do an acoustic set outside Johnny Cupcakes and got up close and personal with letlive. at Old Blue Last. I reviewed and interviewed some great bands, including the lovely (and very pretty) Mallory Knox boys. However, the true highlight for me was definitely seeing Jimmy Eat World do an XFM studio session to about 30 people, and hanging out with them after. I'm surprised I didn't just babble some words and fall over!

Pure Love // Friends' bands playing a London pub // McFly
Dave McPherson // Capital Summertime Ball // Download & Hit The Deck wristbands
Dave Hause performing outside Johnny Cupcakes // Meeting Jimmy Eat World
The 1975 XFM studio session // letlive. // Damnation Festival
The Wonder Years @ Warped UK // Red // Mallory Knox

Friends & Family
I won't go through and list everyone who's contributed to a mega fun year, as that'd be time consuming, boring for everyone who doesn't know them and quite frankly I'll definitely accidentally miss someone out. Instead, have some pictures of me having fun with my favourites.

I haven't really got any 'resolutions' as such for the new year - I'm sticking with 'continue to be awesome' as my main goal. However, I also need to start being more careful with my cash, as I'm saving up to road trip in California in 2015! I'm contemplating doing the 100 day spending ban...but that's pretty nerve-wracking for my shopaholic tendencies. I also want to sort out my beauty routine, which I've made a start on and have some posts coming up about soon. The year's starting off pretty crazily, as I'm moving house again at the beginning of February. Our current landlord has decided to sell, so I'm scooting west a bit to move in with two of my favourite people into what I already call my 'second home'.

Have you done a 2013 roundup style post? Leave your links in the comments! Or let me know what your resolutions are...

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  1. Yours is one of my favourite blogs and I always recommend it. Happy new year :) and don't worry about posts like these, they're interesting and everybody loves a good nosey at other's lives! xx


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