Weekend Wishlist: Drop Dead DD x Gremlins Collection

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I've been incredibly impressed with the evolution of Drop Dead Clothing, from a MySpace scenester phenomenon to a really exciting clothing line inspired by pop culture and the alternative scene that holds its roots. The Drop Dead x Gremlins collection was unveiled earlier this month, inspired (obviously) by the movie Gremlins. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now and don't come back until you have. Okay, I'm joking. You can read the rest of the post first.

One thing Drop Dead do really well is giving their clothing more experimental shapes than just the basic t-shirts and hoodies - for example, the cropped hoody and the dip hem shirt. In this collection, you can choose how loud you go, as the selection of items go from simpler single image tees to full on patterned extravaganza. My personal favourites are the Stripe Crop Hoody and the After Midnight T-Shirt, but I sort of love it all!

What's your favourite pop culture inspired clothing collection?

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Lush - 'Pop' Bath Bomb Gift Box

Lush Pop Bath Bomb Gift Set blog review

When it comes to bathtime, I'm actually more of a bubbles than bombs kinda girl - but Lush's 'Pop' Gift Box (£35) might well have changed my mind on the subject. I was given the set by the boyf for our anniversary last month, and boy does he have fantastic taste (in bath products as well as girlfriends, that is). Pop comes in an absolutely amazing comic book art style box, which is now being used to store all my bathtime goodies as it's too fabulous to throw away. Inside, 10 of some of Lush's most popular and fun bath bombs await.

I've talked about Granny Takes A Dip on this here blog before, and it was one of the first ones I used - although not totally my favourite of their bath bombs, it's great for a brightly coloured bath and a more subtle scent. I absolutely loved using Twilight, despite not being the biggest fan of glittery bath bombs it was subtle enough not to leave my skin covered in the stuff after. The lavender oil used makes it a perfect choice for a pre-bedtime soak, super relaxing and calming - I used it on a Sunday to make sure I had a good night's sleep and get me ready for the week ahead!

Lush Pop Bath Bomb Gift Set blog review Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb (above) is probably one of Lush's better-known bath bombs, and it's almost too pretty to use! It also leaves cute little petals in the bath that disintegrate, upping the cuteness factor. Fizzbanger is described as a 'Catherine Wheel' of a bath bomb, and it definitely turned my water plenty of colours. However, although the citrus-based scent was invigorating and reviving, it probably wasn't one of my favourites, as I usually do prefer something a bit sweeter.

If you're looking for a super-girly bath extravaganza, Think Pink is definitely the one for you. Although it's smaller than some of the other bombs, it still turns the water a gorgeous pink shade and fills the bathroom with its sweet and sunny scent. It also leaves cute little hearts floating in the water, and the lavender essence means a relaxing evening with this bomb. Also, at just £2.65 individually, it makes a great smaller gift for someone (or y'know, just for yourself).

Lush Pop Bath Bomb Gift Set blog review Honey Bee

For something that's a bit lovely to your skin, I really enjoyed Honey Bee (above). Although the honey scent was quite light, I really enjoyed the silky feel of my skin during and after the bath, and it definitely helped my overall relaxation levels. I also really liked the Blackberry Bath Bomb - I loved the colour and the frankincense oil created an uplifting yet still relaxing aroma. Plus, there was a little fun surprise in the middle!

I wasn't overly excited about Avobath until I used it - and realised it was probably one of my favourites from the set. Turning the water a light green, the avocado and lemongrass scent was refreshing and reviving, and it also made my skin feel soft and hydrated post-bath. Plus, compared to some of the other bombs, it fizzed away really quickly, ensuring the full fragrance escaped into the tub straightaway. One I'll defintely be repurchasing!

Lush Pop Bath Bomb Gift Set blog review Phoenix Rising

Dragon's Egg is another citrus-based bomb, and I did actually slightly prefer the scent of this one to the aforementioned Fizzbanger. It fizzed a bit more slowly than other bombs in the set, and although it felt nice on my skin, I probably wouldn't repurchase this individually when faced with so many other bath bomb choices. Despite not usually being a fan of cinnamon scents, I did actually quite enjoy Phoenix Rising (above) - the exotic scent was quite far from what I'd usually opt for, but it was very rich and hydrating - and one of the most beautiful-looking of all the bath bombs.

Priced at £35 for the gift box, the items do actually individually only come to £32.70 - however, I'd say the extra £2.30 for such an awesome looking box and having them ready-packed to give to someone is definitely worth it. The mixture of bombs and the funky packaging makes it a fantastic gift, and if you have a bath once or twice a week as I do (obv showering in between, I'm not gross!) the box will provide weeks of lovely Lush fun!

What are your best Lush bath bomb recommendations?
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2015's Best Rock All-Day Festivals in the UK


If you love the idea of packing your day with music at a festival but roughing it in a tent is putting you off (which it shouldn’t as FESTIVALS ARE ACE), there are some incredible one day festivals going on this year. I do love a good all-dayer - for a start, they're usually indoors, which means bad weather won't be spoil your day. They also have the community feel of a longer festival, but you get to head home/to a hotel at the end of the day! Here are a few of my top picks for the coming months...

Takedown Festival 
Southampton – Sat 7 March 
Bringing the rock to the south coast, Takedown Festival is an absolutely lovely little all-dayer that just seems to get better every year. This year, the Brit boys are out in force, as Mallory Knox take a well deserved headline spot and Charlie Simpson takes a break from the Fightstar reunion to play a few of his folksy solo tunes. There are some pretty special moments guaranteed too, including The Blackout’s last ever south coast show (probably) and InMe playing Overgrown Eden in full (I’d go for this alone…).

Hit The Deck 
Bristol – Sat 25 April/Nottingham – Sun 26 April 
I’ve been to the past couple of Hit the Deck festivals in Nottingham and it’s always been a fantastic day! Spread throughout venues in the cities, it has a real ‘takeover’ feel to it – the streets are teeming with music fans, and sometimes you might even catch the odd band member wandering around between sets! This year’s band roster is headed up by Skindred, always an absolute treat live and full of energy live. I’m a big fan of Decade, also on the bill, and really excited to check out MCR’s Frank Iero’s solo project, aka FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration, for the first time.

Slam Dunk 
Leeds – Sat 23 May/Hatfield – Sun 24 May/Wolverhampton – Mon 25 May 
With possibly one of the most ‘me’ festival line-ups I’ve EVER seen, I could quite happily see a different lineup of bands on each of the three Slam Dunk days! I’m super excited to see headliners You Me At Six play a more intimate setting than their current stratospheric climb to fame usually allows, although they’re set to clash with The Wonder Years, one of THE best pop punk bands around at the moment. CLASH PROBLEMS! I’ll definitely be indulging my emo side with Taking Back Sunday, as well as catching the ever-energetic Don Broco lads. There are some great additions lower down the bill too, including BFS protégés Patent Pending and the hotly-tipped Beartooth, fresh from the 2015 Kerrang! Tour.

Camden Rocks 
London – 30 May 
I had an amazing time at last year’s Camden Rocks – in a similar way to Hit The Deck, it takes over the whole of Camden and the vibe is absolutely buzzing. Camden is definitely London’s home of alternative music, so it’s only fitting to see the likes of Ginger Wildheart, Funeral For A Friend and Dinosaur Pile-Up performing at some of the best venues in town. There are still over 100 bands to be announced including a secret headliner, and it’s a really great festival to discover new, smaller bands playing in tiny venues!

Obviously there are tons of great festivals and all-dayers on over the summer beyond my four picks - what are your favourites to head to?
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Tips on Dressing for a Job Interview

Advice on dressing for a job interview

As I've previously mentioned, I spent a fair bit of time last year searching for a new job - so have plenty of interview experience at hand! Dressing to look the part was one of my trickiest issues, so hopefully my tips to finding your dream job and dressing to impress and nailing the interview will help others in the same boat. The first step on your role is finding the perfect job, and using a job site such as City Calling will give you a great head start in finding the one for you (and their employer advice page is also a really interesting read!) Once you've sent off your application and secured an interview, it's time to do your research, prepare your answers and put together that all-important outfit...

Relate your outfit to the role
Usually, job interview advice from careers services and such is pretty cut and dry - shirt, suit, very natural makeup. Which is probably the best way forward if you're interviewing for a formal and corporate role. However, in the creative industries and especially fashion-related ones, you'll often find you can mix it up a bit and show some style and flair while still keeping to acceptable 'interview' outfits. Do some research into the company if you can - find out what the usual dress code is, then add a couple of levels of 'smart' to it, just to be on the safe side. It proves you're serious about the role, but also have an understanding of the company.

Simple smartening up
A blazer is my one go-to item for smartening up any outfit. I don't really do trousers or shirts (finding one that fits properly is actually a nightmare when you're all boobs), so my 'interview look' is usually a smartish dress or playsuit with tights, heels and a classic black smart jacket. When I was interviewing last year, I didn't have the spare funds to go out and buy a whole new interview wardrobe, but investing in a blazer is great for when you need to smarten up an outfit a bit.

Easy accessorizing
When it comes to accessories for interviews, I'm firmly in the 'less is more' school of thought. I tend to not wear the chunky necklaces, bracelets or rings I normally like, as I don't want to draw attention away from what I'm actually saying by looking like a walking, jangling Christmas tree. For a while, I also went for REALLY natural makeup, but it's something I felt made me feel incredibly 'un-me'. I wouldn't go all out with muddy bronzer and six pairs of false lashes, but if a splash of nude/red lipstick or some black eyeliner makes you feel 100% more you, then I'd say just go for it!

Feel comfortable
One interview I went to, I put on a pair of high black heels that I hadn't worn in years, and quickly remembered WHY I hadn't worn them in years. They were a tad too big for me, and as a result kept almost falling off, which made me walk like a penguin - not exactly the first impression you want to give (even if the job WAS working at a zoo...). I'd definitely advise trying on your outfit before the day of your interview and checking you feel comfortable in it. If you're wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, chances are you'll come across that way when you're there!

I'd love to hear other people's interview horror stories, successes and outfit advice, so do let me know your thoughts in the comments!

*post contains sponsored City Calling link
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Recent Reads: S.K Tremayne - The Ice Twins

S.K Tremayne - The Ice Twins blog book review

I haven't done a good old book post in a while - but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading! I tend to read books on my tablet more often these days, but now and then I pick up the odd actual book - although a tablet's convenient, you really can't beat the feel of reading from an actual paper-and-binding tome.

Over Christmas I managed to win a selection of 2015's hotly tipped new novels, and among them was S.K Tremayne's The Ice Twins. A chilling psychological thriller, it begins with Sarah, whose daughter Lydia died one year previously, survived by her identical twin Kirstie. But was it really Lydia who fell? As Sarah, her husband Angus and their daughter relocate to a remote island left to Angus by his grandmother, Sarah battles with fears of mistaken identity from Kirstie, and begins to unravel the real story behind one twin's death.

Tremayne really manages to create an incredibly haunting vibe from the very beginning, with undertones of menace simmering away throughout the story. Even when the book draws to a conclusion, the haunted tone still plays on the mind long after putting The Ice Twins back onto the bookshelf. And as well as plenty of tension, there are also some downright damn creepy moments. Children in general can be a great source for the heebie-jeebies, and the development of Kirstie's psychosis is incredibly unsettling - which makes for a great read.

The characters are well written and their stories and secrets unravel at a pace that keeps tension high but also moves the plot along at a comfortable and accelerating pace. The island setting is a perfect, creepy backdrop for the events that occur, and the imagery Tremayne creates of the derelict cottage and dangerous marshland allows the reader to develop a strong mental image of the world the story unfolds in.

I was completely gripped from start to finish - almost rushing to turn the page, but at the same time wanting to savour the imagery. The Ice Twins is genuinely one of my favourite books that I've read for a long time, and I'd really recommend it for anyone who likes mysterious tales full of tension, twists and turns.

What have you been reading recently?
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Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation - Is It Worth The Price?

Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation

Many moons ago, I had a small sample of Chanel's Perfection Lumiere foundation (£36, Debenhams) and absolutely fell in love with it. Unfortunately at the time I was even more averse to big spends on high-end products than now, but as I'd won a Debenhams voucher just before Christmas I decided to treat myself. This is definitely the most I've ever spent on a foundation for sure (probably on any item of makeup ever, actually), but for me, it's been completely worth it as it really has lived up to the name.

I tend to opt for medium-full coverage foundations, and Perfection Lumiere has that down to a tee. My skin tends to be quite patchy tone-wise at time, and this just evens out my skintone without looking like I'm wearing a wax mask. The coverage is great, but it still looks nice and natural and doesn't have the tendency to go 'cakey' like the Estee Lauder Double Wear can do on the odd occasion. Although I love Double Wear for it's full coverage, when my skin's feeling a bit dehydrated or unloved, this does a much better job of still delivering coverage but in a kinder way.

The shade match is absolutely FLAWLESS. Although EL's Ecru comes close, I think this just has it beat. It blends effortlessly into skin, be it with fingers or a brush, and once it's there it stays put all day. With the help of a dab of concealer (currently loving: Maybelline's Better Skin Concealer), it provides total coverage for my entire face, and although other foundations have perhaps gone a little further, you still really don't need to use that much to build good coverage.

As well as providing the coverage I need, it also has a matte finish that also reflects the light well, meaning my skin looks perky and bright all through the day. Basically, I get the best of both worlds - I'm not normally a fan of dewy type finishes but super-heavy matte can sometimes look a little too 'done', so this hits the mark right in the middle for me.

Would you spend £36 on a foundation? What's your favourite high end base?
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Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate blog review
Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate blog review

After reading about Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (£36, Debenhams) on various blogs, I'd wanted to give it a try for a while - but the £36 price tag was a bit of a sticking point, as I'm regularly suffering from skintness and it's quite a lot to fork out just to give something a try. However, when I spotted it over on Hannah's blog sale, I knew it would be a great change to snap it up and give it a try!

I've actually taken to replacing the 'treatment' side of my normal evening skincare routine with this completely, as I've found I don't need to use a moisturiser with it. Since using it, I haven't broken out at all, something I'm very happy about. It definitely does make my skin feel softer in the morning and generally look pretty refreshed and more radiant than before I started using it. It did take a few uses for the effects to become noticeable for me, but once I got into a routine with it I was pretty impressed with the results.

The lavender essential oil is a really great scent for bedtime - although if you're not a fan of lavender, you won't be a fan of this as it's definitely a noticeable scent. The dropper is easy to use and only dispenses a tiny bit of product, so you don't end up wasting it all over your hands, which is great. Plus, the little blue glass bottle looks amazing on bedside tables...yes, I'm easily manipulated when it comes to lovely packaging.

I wouldn't necessarily say this is a 100% miracle wonder-product, but it's a really good oil for perking up exhausted skin and creating a revived base to work with come morning. If you want to cut down your evening skincare routine, it's definitely a cover-all purchase, and it'll last ages too. I think I've enjoyed using it enough to buy it again, although I'd probably wait til Debs have their 10% off beauty deals!

Have you tried Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate? What did you think?
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