Easy Hair Removal: Nair Shower Power Cream

Monday, 29 September 2014

Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream review
Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream review

One of the less glamorous aspects of beauty is hair removal. Shaving is most certainly the devil. I got this Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream* (£6.69, Boots) in a goody bag, and was quite interested to give it a whirl. In the past, I haven't been that big a fan of hair removal creams, I used one a while back and found it irritated my skin, so I did a little patch test with this one first (which I definitely recommend, especially if you're using it in...um...'sensitive' areas). As I had no reaction, I decided to go the whole way and do my legs and bikini line.

Although the cream's meant to be used in the shower, I'd have ended up washing it off too early, so I left it for just under the maximum time (about 8 minutes) and used the handy spatula to take it off before rinsing in the shower. The spatula is something I really like - the curved shape means it's great for both applying and removing the cream from trickier bits, and it allows for a nice, even application.

I'd say the cream removed about 95% of visible hairs, which is pretty good. Sitting still while it worked was pretty awkward, but worth it for the result. There was no irritation, and the argan oil, jojoba and cocoa butter ingredients resulted in my skin being smooth and soft after use. The hairs did start to creep back after a few days, but less quickly and prickly (poet and I know it) than they would do with shaving. I also tried it out on the couple of pesky upper lip hairs I have, and it's so gentle it removed them easily without causing any irritation on my face. I probably won't use it all the time everywhere, as it's a bit time consuming, but it's great for weekly use and I just use a razor for a bit of a quick tidy up when the hairs begin to come back.

What's your preferred hair removal method?

Where To Go: Alternative Clubnights In London

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Back when I lived in Portsmouth, every Monday night without fail I'd get (even more) fabulous (than usual) and head out to Delight, the big rock night in the city, to drink cheap booze, dance to pop punk and get silly with my chums. When I moved to London, I was lucky that I knew people here already who introduced me to the London rock club scene, but for those not so lucky, I've compiled a bit of a list if you fancy a night of loud tunes and slight mayhem. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it covers the sort of general rock nights that cater to a lot of tastes - if you know of any others, do let me know in the comments! I'd like to be able to pad this out and make it even better, so please do share suggestions.

OUTFIT: Angry Cat & Polka Dots

Thursday, 25 September 2014

uk fashion blogger h&m cat dress & polka dot tights
uk fashion blogger h&m cat dress & polka dot tights
uk fashion blogger h&m cat dress & polka dot tights

Dress, tights and cardigan: H&M

Seriously, all I ever bloody wear is H&M. I put it down to the fact it's the only shop I can afford that's near my work, meaning lunchtime splurging ahoy. Well, that and the fact it's awesome - I can always find something I like in there, and often buy full outfits in one go too. This is just a super quick outfit post as I've been working 12 hour days and I'm knackered, but I'm looking forward to a relaxing Friday night, then heading up to Nottingham on Saturday to party! I kinda threw this together, the dress and cardigan are normally downtime, lazy day essentials, but pairing them with my beloved polka dot tights makes it a bit more lively and awesome for going out and about in!

London Fashion Weekend September 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

London Fashion Weekend September 2014
London Fashion Weekend September 2014
London Fashion Weekend September 2014 Propercorn
London Fashion Weekend September 2014 Maybelline Baby Lips
London Fashion Weekend September 2014 Maybelline Makeover
London Fashion Weekend September 2014
London Fashion Weekend September 2014 Jump From Paper bags

London Fashion Weekend September 2014

The idea of little old me heading to London Fashion Week itself fills me with dread and fear. I'm not particularly high fashion, as you can tell by my head-to-toe H&M outfit. The only person to ever 'street style' snap me is my housemate. When I asked her to. This weekend. However, I'd like to think one day it could be something I'd be interested in covering (particularly for the beauty looks), so when Wilko and Maybelline sorted me out some tickets for London Fashion Weekend, I thought it'd be a nice way to ease myself into the madness of Somerset House. 

London Fashion Weekend is the consumer shopping event counterpart to London Fashion Week, but also has catwalk shows and talks. Unfortunately I didn't realise the time of the show we were meant to be going to, so ended up missing it, but it was still really fun to walk around and take everything in. The majority of the event featured designer clothing that was a bit beyond my budget - but for those wanting to invest in designer pieces at a fraction of the price, it's a great opportunity to save some cash. Plus, there were some bargains to be found - 7 Maybelline items for £10 and cut-price Tatty Devine being just two things I'd have splashed a little cash on, if I actually had any. Payday, where art thou? However, my housemate Sheena did manage to pick up two pairs of Cheap Monday jeans for a fiver each, which was a brilliant bargain!

Of course, before leaving I had to get the classic shot...did you go to LFW or London Fashion Weekend?

Dress and jacket - both H&M

Cosmo to Catwalk: Cosmopolitan's #FashFest 2014

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cosmopolitan to Catwalk FashFest 2014

First off - super apologies for the rubbishy pics. I managed to be typically me and leave my camera battery in its charger when I left the house. Duh. Anyway, last week I was given tickets by Miss Selfridge to go to the Thursday event of Cosmo's FashFest, which was the 'Cosmopolitan to Catwalk' night, featuring a catwalk show of the latest trends from affordable high-street shops.

The event was a lot bigger than I imagined, and alongside the show, there were lots of stalls from brands including Urban Decay (who did some amazing smokey eyes on me!), Headmasters and Fudge. As it was so busy, we only got to do the UD makeover, but it was fun just walking around and we chatted to some lovely people. The evening was hosted by presenter Laura Whitmore, and I was particularly excited by pieces from ASOS and BrandAlley - the latter is somewhere I'd never have thought to shop, but I think my mind's been changed! I really like the whole attitude behind the night, featuring brands and clothes that the audience could actually go out and buy at affordable prices. They also revealed the winners of Cosmo's Fashion Awards, with River Island winning the overall Retailer of the Year Award. You can see the full results here.

It was a really fun evening, and the goody bag was incredible, featuring some awesome beauty products along with vouchers and discounts - including one for 50% off a Headmasters haircut, which I'll definitely take advantage of. Normally, it's not something I would have bought a £35 ticket for, but I'll certainly reconsider this if it's running again next year (and hopefully they'll have sorted the air conditioning issue. It was absolutely boiling!)

Did you go to any of the FashFest events?

Cosmopolitan to Catwalk FashFest 2014
Urban Decay at Cosmopolitan to Catwalk FashFest 2014
Cosmopolitan to Catwalk FashFest 2014
Cosmopolitan to Catwalk FashFest 2014 images
Cosmopolitan to Catwalk FashFest 2014 images

Personal Planner Review + GIVEAWAY

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Customizable Diaries - Win a Personal Planner
Customizable Diaries - Win a Personal Planner
Customizable Diaries - Win a Personal Planner
Customizable Diaries - Win a Personal Planner

I'm one of those people who's glued to being organised - I sign into my online banking at least once a day (even if I haven't spent anything...) and my diary is a permanent fixture in front of me on my work desk. I'm a big fan of nice-looking stationery to make being organised a bit more fun, and Personal Planner offer the chance to create your own diary, with tons of customisable options to fit your planner with your life and personality.

I've actually had a Personal Planner before, one of the square ones, but this time opted for something a bit bigger, and went for the A5 size Personal Planner (£19.95*) - still handbag friendly, but with more space for daily notes and to-do lists. With your planner, you can upload your own cover image. I opted for one taken on my visit to ASOS HQ last year, and love the way it's come out on my planner. You can also customise address/contact information on the first page, and add in a quote or header text. Oh, and if you're worrying that it's the middle of the year - you can start your planner on any month you choose!

There are so many customisable options - among them, the back pages. I opted for one (large, thankfully!) section of thin lined paper, but there are also quirkier options such as Sudoku, which have proved very useful when I'm on the tube with a dead phone and nothing to read. You can even customise the sections on the page, with a range of useful modules including workout logs, dinner plans and 'idea of the week'. As well as this, you can add weather, working hours and workout logs to each day. The quality of these planners is really good - heavyweight paper, strong metal ring binding and a plastic cover, with an elastic to keep it closed when it's in your bag.

Prices start at £14.94 (+ £2.95 for P&P) for a small square planner, which I think is really good value for the quality and customisable options, to create a design that's totally unique. They also have a super cool free online blog planner, where you can display the week's posts as an image in the Personal Planner format!

If you fancy winning yourself a Personal Planner (which you can customise to your heart's content!), simply enter the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I was kindly given the opportunity to create my own Personal Planner 
and give one away to you guys for the purpose of this post.

Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Hair Whip Blog Review

I enjoy that this is called a 'whip'. Perhaps because it reminds me of Walnut Whips, and I really like Walnut Whips. Although this is actually nothing like a Walnut Whip (I wouldn't recommend eating it for a start), I really like this Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip (£7.19 for 90ml, Boots) too.

The consistency is definitely thinner than that of a Walnut Whip, not runny but still more of a creme than a wax or tough styling product. It smells like a trip to the hairdressers, (if that makes sense!), and the packaging is very professional-looking and dressing-table friendly. To use, you work a walnut-sized amount through your roots before blowdrying and styling.

I definitely noticed some oomph in my roots after using it - especially when blowdrying my hair upside down, my fave volume trick. I've found quite a few volumising products feel sticky and make my hair look super product-ified, but this doesn't do that at all as long as you use it sparingly. It feels a little sticky on application, but after massaging it in a bit and styling my hair, it leaves lightweight volume that still allows me to swoosh my hair about like an emo Beyonce. It doesn't necessarily create the HUGE VOLUME hair that usually comes from lots of styling, but it's definitely a good base for fuller looking styles.

£7.19 isn't bad for a salon-brand styling product, and you don't need to use too much of it to get it working - so I'd say the tub is pretty decent value. It worked well for me, and it's something I'll definitely consider repurchasing when it's done.

Fancy trying before you buy? You can WIN a Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip, as well as goodies from Illamasqua and Bourjois in my Latest in Beauty Giveaway. Be quick though - it ends this Saturday!